The city of Kartmar

All game events take place in the city of Kartmar and surrounding area. Entire Kartmar is one large seamless location, encircled with walls and towers and filled with gothic buildings, old cathedrals, shops, inns, taverns and narrow lanes. Scenes of many plot missions will be seamlessly embedded into this city location. The city consists of 11 districts and some of them are described below.

Noble Quater

One of the oldest city quarters situated in the most secluded place — on a high plato looming over the rest of the city. The most influential and rich families in the city resided here for centuries starting from foundation. Noble mansions, crowded in this quarter, offer worthy loot to a thief, skilled enough to open expensive sophisticated locks and pass multiple guards hired to watch it.

City castle

City castle serves is residence of Kartmar's ruler — the Duke. By occupied square area it rivals city quarters. Thoroughly isolated from the rest of Kartmar by a line of thick walls and towers and guarded by the best of Duke's soldiers this castle can hold against any siege. This is probably the most difficult place for a thief to infiltrate.


Catacombs are cut in the rock formation below Kartmar and form a labyrinth of narrow corridors and dark halls. Through past centuries they served as quarries where stone that the city is built of was taken from, then — as underground cemetery where epidemy victims and members of important families were burried. No one knows how far and deep catacombs stretch. Traps and horrible creatures populating lower levels, that ended lifes of many explorers, prevent accurate mapping.