City factions

On Kartmar streets a thief can meet members of different local factions. Below you can find brief description of the most important ones.

Duke of Kartmar

Duke is the hereditary ruler of Kartmar. His family ruled the city for many generations and acquired immense wealth and influence. Officially the duke rules Kartmar as a representative of Karentian king, but his ancestors ruled Kartmar long before becoming vassals of Karentian Crown. Current royal politics of centralisation of power provokes Duke's resentment and there are rumors, that he would like to become independent ruler again under favourable circumstances. In Kartmar Duke resides in the City Castle, which just as the duke himself is guarded by his elite private guard.

City Watch

City Watch are the watchmen whose duty is to upkeep law and order in Kartmar. They patrol city streets day and night and are always hostile to thieves. Which is natural since their duty is to guard citizen's property which our Thief threatens. Watchmen attack Thief at night, when his characteristic "work" outfit betrays his profession, but they can't recognise his face so he can safely walk the streets in the day dressed as regular citizen. This however can change, if you commit crimes in broad daylight or allow enough watchmen to see your face in the night. Watchmen would always hurry to any place where loud noises or screams come from, no matter whether the cause was Thief or not.

Order of Mensorites

Order of Mensorites (or Order of Builders) is a monk order of Teusian Church dedicated to preservation of technological knowledge of the past and development of new technologies. Since Mensorites are subordinated directly to the head of the Church and are exterritorial, they are independent from local Bishop. This order is little known outside Kingdom of Karenta and city of Kartmar is where it's headquarters are. Mensorite brothers keep many secrets from domains of metallurgy, mechanics, steam engines and even electricity. They are major supplier of steel, sophisticated locks and other complex mechanical devices. And they vigilantly guard their fortresses and cathedrals armed with their favourite warhammers and some of their lethal inventions.

Order of Armarians

Order of Armarians (or Keepers of Books) is an ancient and enigmatic organisation. The Order was founded in Imperial Era, when Great Sarzarian Empire ruled over almost all known to humans world, as organisation of chronists and scientists whose goal was to keep chronicles and accumulate knowledge. There was Armarian filial in each large imperial city. Empire had fallen under neyn and barbarian strikes, but the Order survived and gained international influence. Knowledge, accumulated by Armarians, allows them to to pledge their allegiance to no state, but to have pacts, granting certain rights and protection, with all. Armarians register every important event, but rarely interfere with any. Their declared goal is to maintain stability and balance, preservation of ancient knowledge and writing chronicles. If there is someone, who knows everything about the city of Kartmar and it's mysteries, this are undoubtedly Armarians.