Weapons and Equipment

As a thief you have access to a rich arsenal of weapons and devices.

Lockpicks — absolutely necessary tool of thief's trade that opens almost every door.

Dagger — sword is too heavy for a thief to carry around while dagger is light and sufficicent for stealthy kills.

Short sword — more militant type of thief might wish to replace dagger with a short sword more suitable for swordplaying with guards.

Blackjack — is used to knock guards unconscious.

Grappling hook — often times thief has to scale a wall. Professional thieves in the world of Thievery don't use rope arrows or climbing gloves, instead they use grappling hooks attached to ropes. The hook is thrown on the roof or into a window, then is dragged untill it catches some edge, after which thief can safely climb attached rope.

Rope — sometimes you need to only get down. In such case you can tie rope around ballustrade column or a battlement tooth and use it to travel up and down.

Moonstone — luminiscent stone, a compact and portative source of lighting.

Spyglass — magnifying device for scouting remote objects.

Bow — allows to use arsenal of arrows.

Broadhead arrow — standard arrow commonly used by archers.

Explosive arrow — arrow equipped with small gunpowder charge is designed to combat heavy armoured or simply large enemies.

Water arrow — specialised arrow for extinguishing candles and torches.

Liquid fire arrow — glass arrow-head contains liquid known as Melsarian fire. When arrow collides with target, glass breaks, luquid spills out and catches fire due to contact with air. Is effective against any opponent and for setting things on fire.

Rattler — clockwork device that rattles and attracts guards in it's vicinity.

Flash bomb — temporary blinds everyone looking at it. Don't forget to turn away after throwing it — the light is so intense, it blinds even through closed eyelids.

Gas bomb — upon explosion emits a cloud os sedative gas knocking unconscious every breathing creature in vicinity.

Smoke bomb — upon explosion emits a cloud of thick black smoke allowing thief to escape.

Mine — once deployed device will explode when someone enters radius of 1 meter around it. Remember mines don't discriminate between friends and enemies.


Your character wears armour, which consists of separate leg, hand, torso and head pieces. Pieces increase respective body parts protection. Each piece or armour has it's weight. Pieces granting higher protection usually weight more. The armour weight lowers running speed and jumping distance and increases stamina consumption while running. Thus armour is a trade of mobility for protection.


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